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About E-Filing & E-Services

The GuamTax and MyGuamTax Online Filing Systems

The Department of Revenue and Taxation provides two web sites for e-filing and other online services:

  • - for business taxpayer e-filing and e-services
  • - for individual taxpayer e-filing and e-services

How to Get Started

You must register for a user account on and/or to use and access the department's e-services.

Register on GuamTax:

To register for a account, you will need the following:

  • EIN or SSN
  • GRT account number
  • Valid e-mail address

Register for a GuamTax Account Now

Register on MyGuamTax:

To register for a account, you will need a valid e-mail address

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System Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Standard web browser with cookies and Java enabled
    *Our sites optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Latest version of Adobe Reader, available for free from
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Other E-Services

Vehicle Safety Inspection Companies:

Vehicle Insurance Companies & Agents:

Online Payments

Tax payments can be made using the Department of Revenue and Taxation's official online payment site: