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Business License Online Renewals Help

Renew your business license and pay renewal fees electronically.


  • Renew your current business license
  • Print your official renewed business license directly from
  • Ability to reprint renewed business license on demand

Registration Requirements

  • EIN or SSN
  • Existing GRT account number
  • Valid e-mail address
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What do I need to renew my Business License online?

First, you need to register for a account if you haven't already. You also need to have an existing Business License, and a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card.

What types of Business Licenses can I renew online?

Currently you can renew all business license types except for Tobacco business licenses.

How do I pay for my Business License renewal if I renew online?

Our system makes it convenient for you to pay online at the time of renewal using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX. Simply choose the Renew - Pay Online option, and the system will step you through the renewal process, which will include a step for entering your card payment information.

Can I renew online if I want to pay by check?

No. Online payment by check is not accepted at this time.

If I have several businesses, do I need to create a separate GuamTax online account for each?

No. If your businesses all share the same EIN/SSN, then they will all be accessible from the online account that you create.

Can I renew online if I did not renew my license for the current year?

No. If you have an expired business license, you will need to come in to Rev&Tax to renew your license.

What if my business license requires clearances prior to renewal?

Our system will not allow you to renew until all clearance flags have been cleared for your business license. If clearances are needed, the system will generate an error message indicating the required clearance(s). All required clearances must be cleared directly with the applicable Rev&Tax branch. For more information, print the Clearance Information sheet from within your GuamTax account.

What proof do I have of my Business License renewal if I use the online system? integrates with our backend systems at the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Upon completion of online renewal, the system will update the Business License record in your account. To view this record through, click on the Business License number for the business license you want to view. You can also view and print the renewed Business License form using the Print option.