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Fees effective May 18, 2007.

Vehicle Registration Branch
•   Annual Registration Fee - based on gross vehicle weight
•   Generally $10.00 more per weight class
•   Vehicles between 7,000 to 7,999 lbs - $20 more
•   Vehicles over 7,999 lbs - additional charge of $3.50 for each 500 lbs. In excess of 7,999 lbs.
Street Light Fund Fee $36.00
Initial Registration Fee - first-time registration fee in addition to the fee based on the gross weight of the vehicle $18.00
Copy of Registration $10.00
Copy of Ownership $20.00
Replacement of Tag $3.00
Replacement of License Plate(s) $15.00
Recording of Lien $10.00
Cancellation of Lien $5.00
Temporary Vehicle Permits  
Permit A - allows vehicle to be operated for 5 calendar days $5.00
Permit B $10.00
Personalized Plates  
Initial Charge - cost of personalize plate(s) $50.00
In addition to the regular renewal fee,  
the applicant shall be charged $20.00
Transfer of personalized plate $25.00
Mail Order Notification (Subject to adjustment of any additional fees of the US Postal Service)  
•   License Plates $6.00
•   Validation Tags $3.00
•   Vehicle Registration $3.00
Certification Fee to provide documentation substantiating the validity of the ownership of the vehicle $10.00
Bicycle Equipped with a motor $20.00

Driver's License Fees for all classes $25.00
Duplicate Driver's License for all classes $25.00
Driver's License Renewal Fee:  
    •   Three-Year License $25.00
Instruction Permits for all applicable classes $10.00
Driver License Late Penalty  
    •   3 year license - $5 for every 3 months not to exceed $20.00  
Temporary Driver's License valid for one(1) year (non-renewable) $10.00
Reinstatement Fee for driver's licenses that are cleared of any suspension or revocation $20.00
Out-of-Guam Processing fee for renewals or duplicates of license from Guam Driver's License not on Guam $10.00
Certification Fee - documentation substantiating status and validity of the Guam Driver's License $10.00
Written Test Fee for Operator, Chauffeur and Motorcycle tests in English $15.00
Foreign Language Operator Written Test Fee $35.00
Cost of Mailing - subject to adjustment for additional fees of the US Postal Service $3.00
Handbook Fee for an operator, chauffeur or motorcycle handbook $5.00
Taxi Identification Card $25.00
Graduated License Fees:  
    •   Learner's Permit $10.00
    •   Intermediate Driver's License $10.00
    •   Full Licensure $10.00