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Motor Vehicle Division

The Motor Vehicle Division is comprised of three branches:

1. Motor Carrier
2. Vehicle Registration Branch
3. Driver's License Examination Branch

Motor Carrier is a federal program funded through a grant received from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Guam Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program's (MCSAP) mission is to promote compliance with federal safety standards involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV) on Guam's roadways and highways. Carrier'sactivities are guided by U.S. federal rules and regulations.

The Vehicle Registration Branch is primarily responsible for providing services in the area of registration and ownership of an individual's vehicle in accordance with Title 16 of the Guam Code. Additional services include the issuance of disabled parking placards and license plates and veteran's license plates.

The Driver's License Examination Branch is authorized under Title 16 of the Guam Code with licensing individuals for several types of driver's licenses. The Branch administers vision, written and road tests as well as inspections of vehicles. Scheduling for these tests are made for later dates after an applicant has first met certain requirements. Also, please be informed that Guam has implemented a Graduated Licensing Law for new drivers since 2003.


Motor Vehicle Division

Steve L. Aguon
Supervisor, Vehicle Registration Branch
Tel: (671) 635-7652

Jesse C. Salas
Supervisor, Driver's License Examination
Tel: (671) 635-7651

Maria C. Flores 
Administrator & MCSAP Coordinator
Tel: (671) 635-1750


8 am to 5 pm
Monday - Friday
excluding holidays

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