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Executive Direction

Director's Office

Shimizu, Dafne M. (Director)
Leon Guerrero, Frank G. (Deputy Director)
Pablo, Paul J. (Deputy Tax Commissioner)


Palomo, Mary Ann

Passport (Issuance & Acceptance of Applications)

Tudela, Christine (Supervisor)
Duenas, Elizabeth
Leon Guerrero, Sylvia
Louis, Senatson
Pinaula, Maryann
Toves, Bernadine 

Technical Research & Appeals Bureau

Hallera, Renato T.
Untalan Jennifer A.

Systems & Programming Support

San Agustin, Christine (Supervisor)
Barcinas, Andrew
Concepcion, Arlene C.
Munoz, Shirley
Quintans, Jennie
Wintterle, Phillip

Tax Enforcement Division

Criminal Investigation Branch

Blaz, Frank R. (Supervisor) 
Aguon, Jerome
Banez, Jim 
Gutierrez, Joseph
Leon Guerrero, Amy
Ordonez, Michael
Rivera, Carolyn J. A.
San Nicolas, Kamille

Tax Examination

Baza, Joseph
Borja, Christine W.
Borja, Flavia
Borja, Zina S.
Brigino, Veronica
Cruz, Jessica
Eclavea, Rose T.
Gutierrez, Joseph R. A.
Javelosa, Josette J.
Kucharski, Hazel P.
Lugue, Ariel
Manglona, Maryann
Perez, Dominic
Sorio, Marife B.
Torres, Catherine C.
Villapando, Evelyn M.
Zhou, Alisa

Tax Collection

Flores, Jean B. (Acting Supervisor)
Accad, Milma
Aguon, April
Blaz, Matthew C.
Castro, Rubyrose
Charfauros, Katrina
Cruz, Joy L.G.
Duenas, Crystal
Eclavea, Lourdes
Espiritu, Mikel
Flores, Danny
Guerrero-Rios, Judith F.
Gumataotao, Carmencita B.
Herrera, Melissa G.
Hitoriaga, Jenny
Lava, Lillian lillian.lava@revtax.guam.govv
Lizama, Jesse J.
Manibusan, Vicki
Pangelinan, Richard
Rodriguez, Diana
Salas, Julie L.
Saures, Jeanette
Taitano, Patricia B.

Taxpayer Service Division

Terlaje, Lawrence. (Administrator)

Income Tax Assistance and Processing

Cacayan, Lorinda A.
Flores, NormaJean
Mansapit, Lorna
Castro, Barbara B.
Sanchez, Georgette
Taitingfong, Anthony

Electronic Data Processing

Meno, Nora (Supervisor)
Aflleje-Cruz, Rhonda
Anderson, Thomas
Gogue, Pinalopee
Guerrero-Salas, Jamie
Libby, Lucille
Leon Guerrero, Dolores J. A.
Pocaigue, Lisa

Business Privilege Tax

Herrera, Melissa (Acting Supervisor)
Gogo, Lydia Q.
Ishmael, Brenda L.C.
Pilante, Edgar
San Nicolas, Rose

Tax Accounting

Duenas, Annie S.N. (Supervisor)
Asuncion, Jerrilynn
Celino, Maria Carmina L.
Mendiola, Amelia
Pangelinan, Elaine S.A.

Central Files

Cepeda, Josephine
Invencion, Liza
Pocaigue, Catherine C.
Sablan, Bernadette

Real Property Tax Division

Atoigue, Benedict L. (Administrator)
General Help

Property Tax Assessment

Blas, Catherine J.
Cruz, Jennifer
Cruz, Maria B.
Laguana, Lucy Ann
Marquez, Ma. Asuncion L.

Property Tax Appraisal

Terlaje, John J. (Supervisor)
Cruz, Frankie S.N.
Cruz, Joseph
Ninete, Franklin J.
Pablo, Fredrick
Reyes, Tomas
Sablan, Rodney
Taitano, Thomas P.L.

Regulatory Division

Insurance, Banking, Securities & Real Estate

Cruz, Alice S. (Supervisor)
Santos, Michele B. (Insurance and Banking Commissioner)
Briones, Nemencio D. E.
Dela Cruz, Christina T.
Duenas, John Paul
Superales, Anita M.
Tongson, Robert D.

General Licensing & Registration (Business License)

Franquez, Monica (Supervisor)
Benavente, Ashley
Castro, Clare
Cepeda, Meiko
Unsiog, Michael R.

Compliance (Alcoholic Beverage Control)

Aflague, Gerard
Bautista, Vicente
Camacho, Craig
Lujan, Millie
San Agustin, Joseph P.
Somera, Christopher

Weights & Measures

Barcinas, Andrew
Lujan, James B.

Motor Vehicle Division

Driver's License Examination

Driver's License General Help
Meno, Arthur G. (Acting Supervisor)

Vehicle Registration

Aguon, Steve L. (Supervisor)
Flores, Mary C.
Manibusan, Angelica M.

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program

Cuevas, Oscar
Diaz, Jaimen
Duenas, Alvin
Toves, George

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